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The faculty and staff of Uvalde Classical Academy is committed to spreading the gospel message of the redemption offered through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus,  triune God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

  Name Title
Lisa Arnim Arnim, Lisa 1st Grade
Cindy Boultinghouse Boultinghouse, Cindy 4th Grade
Nancy Caballero Caballero, Nancy Pre-K
Caryn Goggans Goggans, Caryn 3rd Grade
Ashley Hale Hale, Ashley 7th-12th Bible
Jozannah Huerta Huerta, Jozannah History/Logic/Art
Camille Jefcoat Jefcoat, Camille Music
Cindy Jeffreys Jeffreys, Cindy Admin Assist
Vicky Kraemer Kraemer, Vicky Spanish
Addie Langham Langham, Addie 6th Grade & Latin
Brittany Mohrman Mohrman, Brittany Kinder
Donald Offner Offner, Donald 7th -12th Science
Megan Ramsey Ramsey, Megan 7th-12th Grade English/LA
Jo Anna Walker Walker, Jo Anna Curriculum Coordinator
Andrea Williams Williams, Andrea 5th Grade
Larri Wright Wright, Larri Head of School