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General Rationale for Dress Code 
  1. Being overly concerned with clothing and outward appearances is contrary to God's will for us as revealed in Scripture (1 Sam. 16:7; Matt. 6:19-21; James 4:4; 1 John 2:15-17).
  2. Pressures felt by children to compete in areas of dress are destructive to the unity of UCA and the body of Christ.
  3. Everything in our lives, including our clothing, should reflect the order of the Godhead and the order He has created in the world (1 Corinthians 14:40).
  4. Clothing should be modest (1 Timothy 2:9).
  5. Our children are serving as witnesses and ambassadors both for the Lord Jesus Christ and UCA. Student appearance is a reflection of both.

Uvalde Classical Academy requires each student to wear a school-approved uniform. The concept of a uniform is based, firstly, in a Biblical notion: God looks NOT on the outside but the inside of a person. Secondly, the concept of a uniform is to present a unified look and promote a sense of unanimity among students.

The uniforms consist of colored polo shirts, athletic t-shirts, and athletic shorts, (athletic pants optional). The colors of the polo shirts are dark green, gold, and white. The athletic shirts are the UCA approved t-shirts. The athletic shorts/pants are black. 

Unless parents/students are notified of a special event, uniforms must be worn each school day. Uniforms help build a distinctive school culture, so we ask students to be neat, clean, and in their UNIFORM.

Parents will purchase uniforms through French Toast (little girls polo dresses may be purchased through Land’s End). Once on the website, you will select Uvalde Classical Academy and the uniforms will be visible.  Purchases are made online directly to French Toast. (If your child has previously approved polo uniforms from the local provider or from Land’s End, they may continue to use those as long as the uniform fits appropriately and the shorts adhere to the Uniform Guidelines below) The ordered items will ship to your home address. It is imperative to plan accordingly, in order to have the uniforms prior to the first day of school. Any polos or athletic uniforms which still fit your child and are in good condition (no holes or rips in the material) may be worn another year. Used uniforms can be donated back to the school for other families to use. 

Order your uniforms at any time throughout the year at French Toast