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Uvalde Classical Academy was founded by a group of likeminded families who sought an education from a biblical worldview for students in the Uvalde community.  UCA was formed with an emphasis on classical education and is passionate about teaching students how to think, not what to think. With a focus on a high academic standard, courses are rooted in scripture and based upon what is true, good, and beautiful. UCA aims to graduate grounded men and women who are equipped to serve in any capacity that the Lord leads them. The formative years of education are utilized to not only provide a firm foundation in math, writing, and phonics, but to foster a love for learning that will follow them throughout their entire educational journey. 
The teachers at UCA are not only qualified to teach but serve as mentors and spiritual leaders. The teachers are called to create connections from scripture to their subject matter. For example, math is taught with the understanding that God is a God of order and creation reflects that in each mathematical equation. Utilizing classical teaching methodology, students become grounded with spiritual truth and learn to discern God’s purpose for their future.