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At Uvalde Classical Academy, we designed a program based upon the school’s mission and the goals listed below. We consider these goals to shape the hearts, souls, and minds of our students. Our ultimate goal is to graduate students who are filled with a passion for Christ while arming them with the Truth of God’s Word. Our hope is graduates will be ready to be used to boldly impact the world for Christ.

Successful graduates will possess:

  1. Virtue and mature character: Beyond mere rule following, virtue and mature character is a “heart-obedience” encompassed by good manners, honorable relationships, self-control, and Christian leadership. We model this, teach this, and instill this in our students by studying and gleaning wisdom from the great stories and characters of western civilization. More than this, we teach students to live under Coram Deo – as though they were in the presence of God at all times.
  2. Sound reason and sound faith: We expect students to embrace a Christian worldview with all Scripture as the measure of ultimate Truth. We expect them to demonstrate the wisdom necessary to recognize complex issues and to follow the consequences of ideas.
  3. A masterful command of the language: since language enables us to know things beyond what we have directly experienced, nothing is more important within a solid Christian education. Without a strong command of the language, even Scripture is silent. As people of “the Word,” Christians should be masters of communication. 
  4. Well-rounded competence: Educated people have competence in a variety of areas. These include fine art, drama, music, physical activity, mathematics, logic, science, and rhetoric. Throughout our program, skills essential to an educated person are introduced and practiced.
  5. Literacy with broad exposure to books: Educated people are well-read and able to discuss and relate to central works of literature, science, art, architecture, and music. We expect our graduates to be conversant in the critical literature and ideas of Christian theology because of their thorough, progressive study of the great church reformers, church history, and the Bible.  Our obligatory literature will formulate them to be well-versed in our western history as they read stories and accounts intended to bring western culture alive in the hearts and minds of its readers.