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A classical Christian education is meant to provide a student with an integrated approach to education to instilling knowledge and skills which will grow the student into a lifelong learner. Classically trained students are taught based upon a trivium of phases known as grammar (the PK-6th-grade parroting phase), logic (the 7-9th-grade logical, argumentative phase) and rhetoric (the 10-12th-grade articulative, debating phase) stages of education. A classical Christian education does not simply teach the student what to think, but how to think based upon a strong foundation of a biblical worldview.  

From Shaping Hearts and Minds: Why It Matters Where Your Child Goes to School by Monica Whatley with Dr. Shawn Whatley:
“Six hours a day. Five days a week. Where is your child? Schools are in the business of shaping your children. Shaping what they know. Shaping what they think. Shaping what they believe. Shaping what they learn to love. Shaping who your child will become. Where you send your child to school makes all the difference.”

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