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Goals for a Graduate of UCA


Goals for a Graduate of UCA

At Uvalde Classical Academy we are in the process of designing a program around the school’s mission and the goals listed below.  We try to consider these goals with the purpose of shaping the hearts, souls, and minds of our students.  Our ultimate goal is to graduate students who are filled with a passion for Christ while arming them with the Truth of God’s Word.  Our hope is that graduates will be ready to be used to boldly impact the world for Christ.


Successful graduates will possess:

1. Virtue and mature character: Beyond mere rule following, virtue and mature character is a “heart-obedience” encompassed by: good manners, honorable relationships, self-control, and Christian leadership. We model this, teach this, and instill it in our students by studying and gleaning wisdom from the great stories and characters of the West. More than this, we teach students to live in accordance with Coram Deo– as though they were in the presence of God at all times.

2. Sound reason and sound faith: We expect students to embrace a Christian worldview with all Scripture as the measure of ultimate Truth. We expect them to demonstrate the wisdom necessary to recognize complex issues and to follow the consequences of ideas.

3. A masterful command of language: Because language enables us to know things beyond what we have directly experienced, nothing is more important within a solid Christian education. Without a strong command of language, even scripture is silent. As people of “the Word,” Christians should be masters of language.

4. Well-rounded competence:  Educated people have competence in a variety of areas.  These include: fine art, drama, music, physical activity, mathematics, logic, science and rhetoric. Throughout our program, skills essential for an educated person are introduced, practiced, and ultimately mastered.

5. Literacy with broad exposure to books :   Educated people are well-read and able to discuss and relate to central works of literature, science, art, architecture, and music. We expect our graduates to be conversant in the important literature and ideas of Christian theology because of their thorough, progressive study of the great church reformers, church history, and the Bible.  Our obligatory literature will formulate them to be well-versed in our own western history as they each read stories and accounts intended to bring western culture alive in the hearts and minds of its readers.

Parent Teacher Council

UCA was founded on the principle that the family is an integral part of our school. In order for us to thrive as a school, we ask parents to contribute to the success of our school in a volunteer capacity during the school year. Our Parent Teacher Organization exists to coordinate all of our school events. We offer many opportunities for our students’ families to get involved and contribute to UCA. We believe that God has given each of our parents unique talents and gifts that He can use to bless our school!

UCA is accepting Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education.  Amazon.com shoppers can use the following link to shop and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Uvalde Classical Academy.


Fall Festival


  • How long has Uvalde Classical Academy (UCA) been in operation?
    • Uvalde Classical Academy has been in operation since 2008.  Since it's inception, enrollment has steadily increased from 10 students to 80 students (current enrollment for Fall 2016).  
  • How are UCA students taught?
    • UCA is a Pre-K through 12th grade Christian Classical school that teaches based on The Trivium — a 3-part educational process with 3 phases (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric) whereupon each phase is dependent upon and builds on the other phases.  To learn more about The Trivium and classical education, please read An Introduction to Classical Education.
  • Why should I consider UCA for my child?
    • Classical education is a proven method of teaching which structures learning in accordance with the God-given stages of child development.  According to the Association of Classical Christian Schools, (ACCS), "Classical, Christian schools provide the best possible education to help every child reach his or her God-given potential".  Classical Christian education uses methods and content that develop thinking, articulate, well-rounded graduates.  
  • Do we need to attend any particular church to be accepted into UCA?
    • UCA is a non-denominational Christian school.  That means we are delighted to have local area churches represented among our student body.  Our staff and board members also come from a number of strong local churches.  We operate under our Statement of Faith
  • Is UCA accredited by the state?
    • No.  UCA believes the State (political governing authority) was never given the role of educating children.  In God's Word, He clearly assigns that task to parents (Deut. 6, Eph. 6).  Therefore, as a school, we answer to the collective and individual parental authority, as outlined in our policies.  UCA takes parental authority and parental involvement very seriously. We also believe that accountability to an outside agency is wise.  Therefore, we are associated with the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS).   
  • How many of your graduates go on to attend college?
    • 100% of our graduating seniors go on to attend college.  The fact that UCA is not accredited by the state has not hindered our graduates from entering higher education institutions.